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GPMC Services

Our commitment to quality and excellence as well as a strong practice of our core values ensures that we will always deliver the best possible materials along with high-quality service bringing a holistic value to the customers.

Our Services


The main part of our business is the supply of aggregate; however, it doesn’t stop there. We own two Quarries; one in Fujairah, UAE and the second is in Sohar,Oman. In addition, we also have arrangements with the port to ensure efficiency and guaranteed export of our material as well as contracts with transport companies in both UAE and in Oman to ensure delivery of our material to their respective ports.

GPMC has its own shipping department who is responsible for chartering, operating and buying vessels. Stevedoring in Qatar is handled by QPMC, but we also have our own Stevedoring team and equipment as we previously discharged 1.2 million MT ourselves in Ruwais, north Qatar. Furthermore, we also have a fleet of trucks to ensure efficient delivery of the material to our clients’ yard, plant or doorstep.

Construction worker holding yellow helmet
Construction Dump Truck Image


To sum up our services we provide the following:

  • Supply of aggregates for concrete
  • Supply of aggregates for Asphalt
  • Stevedoring Services
  • Shipping
  • Land Transportation

Gabbro is a coarse-grained and usually dark-colored igneous rock. It is formed as magma cooled slowly in the crust.


Igneous rocks with similar composition are basalt (extrusive equivalent of dolerite or micro gabbro instead).

Much like basalt, gabbro has many uses due to its durability. The rock commonly referred to as black granite in the building trades is actually almost always gabbro.

It is frequently used for countertop and flooring materials, grave stones, and exterior and interior wall materials. It has also seen so resistance to most weathering, gabbro can be used as a material for lake and ocean break walls, or the retaining walls used to help prevent coastal erosion and flooding.